Organ Failure Bio

Band History Coming Soon

"A raunchy art rock musical stage performance group sure to offend, inspire, and confuse the hormones of all sexes." 
- Dave Roy of Southmore House

Current Band Members

Brian "Flakey Bee" Arthur

Founder of Organ Failure in 2000, sings and plays acoustic guitar and bass.

Brian previously released albums in Houston 1990s band The Yarbles.  He co-manages the Houston venue Super Happy Fun Land with Olivia and operates a pizza food truck Flakey's Pizza.

Olivia "Poopy Lungstuffing" Dvorak

Joined the band in 2003, sings and plays ukulele in the live act.

Olivia previously fronted Houston 1990s rock act Rosebud and has released several albums and hundreds of YouTube videos as her stage persona Poopy Lungstuffing.  Olivia has co-managed the venue Super Happy Fun Land with Brian for nearly 20 years and enjoys street busking.

Christopher "The Fierce Pancake" Daniello

Began playing live drums sporadically since 2016.  Produced and performed a variety of instruments on the 2022 album Over and Under.

Christopher formerly performed lead ukulele with tropical Hawaiian act The Grass Skirts and releases solo albums under the moniker Blue Peterschnitzel.

Jason "Bad Guy" Robison

Plays guitar and bass. 

Ms. Puppetrina E. Puppetrella

Puppetrina is a 1963 Eegee Puppet Doll who was designed by famous Sculptor Neil Estern. She is leader of The Puppetrelles All Girl Puppet Band which consists of some of her many Sisters , cousins and Sister Cousins who are all puppetrina dolls. Poopy Lungstuffing has been her Helper gal since 2008 when she was broken out of rehab. (Purchased from Ladies Catholic Charity Guild thrift store for $4.50). Puppetrina enjoys hunting down Sugar Daddies and trying to get $5.

A frequent live performer, Puppetrina composed and sang Swimming Away (Mermaid Zombie Lament) on the 2022 album Over and Under

Past and Sometimes Band Members

Steve "Dr Compostulous" Grubbs - vocals and saxophone, founding member (RIP)

Mike "Mad Mike" Wille - drums

Eric "Lief Erickson" Moore - drums