Organ Failure Music

Over and Under - released October 2022

This is the first full studio release since 2006 for Organ Failure, the house band of Super Happy Fun Land (Houston’s multipurpose DIY Art and Performance Venue). Written and performed by an ensemble of neurodivergent oddballs, Over and Under embraces and defies numerous genre conventions and addresses serious subject matter with an irreverent yet sincere tone.

Recorded 2010-2022 in Houston, TX at Super Happy Fun Land
Produced by Christopher Daniello, 2022 Fierce Pancake Productions

Now Available on Bandcamp iTunes Spotify and all popular streaming services

HoustonPress.Com review by Jef Rouner

All Over - released September 2006

Organ Failure's first globally available release.  
Recorded in Houston, Texas 2005-2006 at Super Happy Fun Land

Currently available on iTunes Spotify and other major streaming services.
Review by - September 2006 - Samuel Barker

     There is something to be said for the freedom that comes with doing music for yourself. There is a luxury a band out working for a label will never have, the ability to create a picture much like the individuals who make up the band. There is no having to stick to a pre-set formula or hold to an idea of what is expected. Organ Failure grasps the idea of non-conformity and runs with it.
     The first song, What We Really Want To Do, begins with a touch of funk, while the next song, Devil Why Must You Pursue Me, borrows from folksy, celtic influences and Worms  sounds like something from an old jazzy swing club. This is the mood that follows the whole CD. Utmost expression of whatever crosses the musicians that make up the band's mind.
     Nothing is left untouched. Music reminiscent of children's television shows are in abundance. The ability of this band to explore every avenue of music makes it all come together perfectly and somehow make sense.
     Considering the members of this band are the minds behind local club, Super Happy Funland, there is little surprise at the eclectic nature of the music in the CD. Night after night of watching bands and performance artists of every genre and idea set play on the same bill will definitely open up your mind to any possibility under the sun. This is what we find on this CD, a full view of what the band wants to do.
     Oh yeah, there are some covers on the album. A heart-wrenching version of Folsom County Blues recreated by the Cookie Monster titled Cookie Prison Blues, pulls you to near tears of mixed laughter and sorrow. A folksy/celtic recreation of The Clash's Rock The Casbah, gives the old standard a fresh sound while making the song sound great. The cover of Boom, I Got Your Boyfriend just has to be heard. There is nothing I can really say to do it justice.
     If you're a fan of produced rock bands that follow a specified path, this album is not for you. It will leave you confused, afraid and possibly bummed out. If you enjoy music that is made for the love of music and doesn't spend a lot of time trying to be polished, clean and produced to no end, this album will get your motor running. Sure, there were a few spots where the insanity reached uncomfortable levels, but the balance was good enough to earn a...

Rating: B+